Welcome to the new Sjusjun

After some pain, trouble and quite some help. I’ve completed the redesign of my website. It’s a lot cleaner and brighter now, with more room for illustrations in the gallery. I’ve also added some mini illustrations using my favorite animal. The website is now responsive so that means it’s mobile and tablet friendly. (Thanks for the deadline Google ;) The website is now also bilingual! So from now on everything is available in Dutch and English. You can change the language through the menu. It’s a little bit more work for me (oh and double chance of me making spelling errors ;), but I hope it’s more welcoming to the visitors of this site.

Another new thing is the showcase section, hidden under the ‘Illustrations’ link in the top menu. Check out the first showcase about Book covers. I’ll be adding more showcases in the future.

There might still be some things I need to patch up on the website. So if you find something that looks broken, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Sjusjun

  1. I love what you’ve done with your website, Corona. It’s especially easy to check out all the wonderful services you offer. I love seeing my covers up, too ;)

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