How can I help you?

As an illustrator I am available for one-off illustrations but also for large projects.

Need an illustration


Are you looking for a personal and unique illustration? Someone who can draw the images you have in your head? Maybe you’re looking for someone who can visualize your story or spruce up that boring infographic.

Even if you’re not sure what exactly you want, I can steer you in the right direction. I can help you bring out your creativity.

Project nodig


Do you have a large project that requires multiple illustrations or has a long running time? I have experience with educational and business projects requiring long term planning. Communication and reliability always come first.

Together, we can draw up a schedule with milestones and deadlines and a feedback process that is as smooth as possible.

Other services I can provide are:


Combining forces

In my network I have fellow illustrators who can master different styles and are reliable. For some projects it is nice to use multiple illustrators. This allows more work to be done in less time and the project benefits from added expertise.

I will look for other illustrators who fit the desired style to cooperate on a project.


Taking over

Sometimes an illustrator can no longer make illustrations for a client due to circumstances. I have experience with taking over work from other illustrators. This is always done in consultation and with the permission of the previous illustrator.

If possible I can incorporate the style of the previous illustrator, but I can also develop a new fitting style.


I notice that customers often have the need to first discuss ideas and options without me immediately making a quotation. For advice, please contact me by email or call me on +31624378224.

Not quite sure what you want? For a small fee I can schedule a longer call or Skype session. Sometimes an online brainstorming session is just what you need, email me about this.