Hoi! Ik ben Sjusjun, ik maak heldere kleurrijke illustraties voor een divers publiek.

New old acquisition

I’ve been practising landscapes concepts on my Cintiq. I got it second-hand for a good price. It’s an older generation model, but still works really well! A Cintiq is a drawing tablet…

preview afbeelding van Anneke's website illustraties

Website illustrations

Client: Anneke SinnemaSubject: Designing character illustration for her website Anneke Sinnema is a creative and enthusiastic frontend webdesigner. To emphasize her work as a web developer I made some website illustrations for…

preview afbeeling over storytelling

Visual storytelling

In 2014 Mark Geljon from Gridd travelled to New York to attend a conference with the theme 'The future of storytelling'. He made a compelling report of his visit. He gave me the task to make this into a completely illustrated report.
A lady beckons you to come forward

Secrets of Secret Keepers

Here is the third book cover of the novella trilogy titled Secret Keepers by Gwen Gardner. This is by far my favorite one, it also has the most detailed bits of the…