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Are you looking for personal and unique illustrations? Someone who can draw the images you have in your mind? Or perhaps someone that can visualize your stories or spice up a bland infographic. I could also make your educational textbook look a lot more interesting and fun.

Even if you’re not entirely sure what you want, I can help you bring out the creativity that’s inside of you, or point you in the right direction. Let me draw for you!

If you’re looking for an illustration or you’re just curious please go ahead and use the form below or e-mail me. Alternatively you can find and contact me on twitter or instagram. If you’re feeling up to it you can also call me: +31 624378224 (Netherlands)

I want an illustration. What happens next?

Please fill out this contact form if you’re interested in an illustration.

After ‘first contact’, we’ll talk about what kind of illustration you’d like (see below), and the deadline of the finished illustration. If I have enough information I’ll make a price quotation (or you could tell me your budget) and a planning that will suit the needs of your project.

Things I need to know before I start

Before I can make an accurate estimate of the cost of an illustration, I’ll have to know a few things:

Complexity and style

How detailed do you want your illustration to be? Do you want a simple silhouette style or do you want a life-like illustration with a detailed background? Take a look at a few of my illustrations and think about what style you’d like.

Number of characters or creatures

A single character costs less than an army of characters :)


Most illustrations can be divided into foreground and background. A simple background is faster to make and costs less. But a detailed background can add a whole new level to an illustration.


A small illustration that has few pixels (for example icons that are only 100 x 100px) is a lot cheaper than an illustration that has to be printed out for an A3 poster. Tell me what you want to do with an illustration and I can make it in any size you want.


A standard license on my illustrations will let you use an illustration for the purpose it was intended for and agreed on. You will have the right to use, but not alter or resell an illustration (without my permission). Resizing an illustration for your own use is allowed! I will not sell the illustration to someone else. For more information about licensing please check out the FAQ.

Finally, if you agree with my price, planning and requirements, we can start!

Price indication?

No illustration is the same, that means it’s hard to give a quote without the information I need. With the information you provide I can estimate how much time it’ll take for me to finish the illustration. This is what I base my price quote on. Please don’t hesitate to tell me your budget, we can discuss and decide what I can do for you.

  • Need advice? I’ll be happy to provide. Please contact me.
  • A meeting (in real life when possible or digital) or a price quote is always free
Work method

In general, my work method is intended to let you see as much of my drawing process as I can. Your involvement is important! This means you can comment or give feedback on various stages of an illustration:

1. Sketch

The first stage. I’ll make 2 or 3 different sketches, which you can choose from and comment/feedback on.

2. Concept

Taking your comments into account, I’ll make a concept of the chosen sketch. A concept is a representation of the sketch, that usually involves adding colour, light and some detail.

3. Illustration

The illustration is nearly finished. Some small things may need to be changed. Feedback is welcome for these changes.

4. Final illustration

The illustration is done. You’ll get the finished product in the highest resolution (suitable to the project).

Want to know more about my work method? Check out the FAQ.

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