Cats and dogs

Happy New year! Okay, it’s a bit late, but it’s still January ;) I’ve been busy with finishing up the administration of the past year. It’s not as fun as drawing but it has to be done. To make up for all the numbers I’ve been typing, I bought some “real” pencils and a few sketchbooks. I hope to do more traditional drawing so I can train my eyes and improve my real life sketching. In other news, there’s a new four-legged creature walking around here. A dog! His name is Dexter. We already have 3 cats. But I suppose it wasn’t crowded enough yet. Introductions are hard!


I’ve always know how different dogs are from cats but still… culture shock! It’s pretty much a black blur of fur and energy. It’s fun seeing him grow up and learn though.

3 thoughts on “Cats and dogs

      1. LOL, I can just imagine! I still draw everything traditionally, but I’ve been inking digitally for months now, so switching back to traditional for that would likely be weird for me, too. Good luck getting used to traditional drawing again!

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