Indigo Eady website header

Client: Gwen Gardner
Subject: Illustrating a website header based on the location and characters of Gwen Gardner’s books

Gwen Gardner is one of my first clients. The world of her characters is extensive and detailed. It’s awesome that she gives me the confidence to shape her world. This time she wanted me to create a website header for her. Location: a square with a Tudor style pub and shops in the fictional English town of Sabrina Shores.

Click through the images to see the different versions

Quite a challenge with all those buildings! I ended up making 4 versions. 1 completely in Christmas spirit and also versions without falling snow or just lights. To set up the concept as painless as possible, I first built the square in a 3D program called Sketchup. In this program I was able to design the buildings first and then make the correct layout.

Sketchup version of the website header
I’ve sketched over my 3D Sketchup concept

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