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Besides drawing for clients I really like making illustrations in my free time. I don’t always get around to it. There are periods that I’m so busy with assignments that I have to recharge my batteries with something completely different. Like reading a good book, making a walk in the forest with the dog or just watch Netflix on the couch with a warm blanket.

Ever since I bought an Ipad pro it has become much easier for me to make personal work. You don’t have to be stuck behind the PC to make a nice (digital) illustration. It gives me the freedom to stay on the couch and still be productive. In this post I’ll gladly show you a selection of the work I’ve made while on the eh… couch.

I love experimenting with different styles. Like choosing colours that I would rarely go for in realistic illustrations. Like the one above in blue and yellow. It contrasts really well. Sometimes I try and combine silly colours for a more sketch-like approach. Like the portrait sketch of baking legend Mary Berry. Please try her Lemon drizzle traybake, it is so good and easy to make! Sorry I’m a little bit distracted now ;)

I really love animals, especially cats and dogs. So I like to draw them a lot in my free work. This is a portrait of my dog Dexter (and me) in a more cartoon like stye. I made this illustration when he was sick. I’m happy to report he’s feeling great now!

Of course I also illustrated a cat! I have 3 cats walking around here who all want attention in specific ways and at specific times. They are not afraid to make this explicitly clear.

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