New book Cover, a Guilty Ghost Surprised

I’ve had the pleasure of illustrating the sequel to ‘Givin’ up the Ghost’ by Gwen Gardner. The adventures of Indigo Eady continue in ‘A guilty Ghost surprised’. Gwen Gardner always knows exactly what she’s looking for in a cover, her feedback was invaluable in the creation of the cover. I wanted the mood of mystery and supernatural to be just as present in the second cover as it was in the first. The colour green also comes back, but this time I’ve combined it with a warm golden brown. I also did the typography. I wanted the stairs to sort of wrap around the title.

Front cover of A Guilty Ghost Surprised

There’s lot’s of things on the cover that come back in the story in the book. There’s Indigo, the star of the book series, sitting on the stairs. Badger is in the background, he just noticed something. There’s Chance the ghost dog (based on a real life dog!) who still has a love for playing catch. A strange green light comes from the top of the stairs. On the back cover of the book is a pile of old newspapers that tells some horrible news.

Here’s the front, spine and back of the book, click on it for a bigger version:

I am definitely looking forward to illustrate more of Gwen Gardner’s books.

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