Comics and character design

Creating a new character is a lot of fun, especially when you’re dabbling with a comic-version of yourself. You do have to give yourself a set of rules. One of those rules is something I refer to as repeatability (I’m sure there is another much more suitable word ;). You have to be able to draw and repeat the character relatively easy, in different poses and in different settings. Character design sheets (that show your character from different sides and poses) are very very handy.

So, version 1 of the character design of ‘Co’. I’ve chosen one of the sketches on my character design sheet to play with.

A simple sketch on paper

I often start out character design sketches the old fashioned way: Pencil on paper. I then photograph the paper. I only need the reference, not the detail that scanning provides.

The first digitized character design

For now I like the sketched version, and I’m trying out different ways of digitizing it. Expect more versions in the future :)

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