Slideshow storyboard

Client: Saristos
Subject: Illustrating various vector storyboards as a presentation to clients of Saristos.

For Saristos I’ve made several rough storyboards based on a script and then worked out the sketches in clean vector illustrations. The illustrations could then be clicked through during a presentation (as a slide show) or later be viewed as a video with voiceover. I can’t tell a lot about the illustrations I made for Saristos, because the content is for internal use only, but I can show some illustrations and character designs without context.

Illustration of man who has fallen asleep on a chair
Illustration of woman who is working behind a fake mac
Illustration of man who is working a tablet during lunchbreak
Illustration of gentleman in a crowd looking content
All kinds of different business characters with the classic briefcase.

Click through the image above to get an idea of the slideshow.

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