Blotches of digital paint

Wow! It’s April :D Hope you had a lovely Easter.

My birthday is this Saturday, I’ll be 33. For practice purposes and for fun I made this digital paint portrait in a single evening. The reference photo I used was me at 31. Time flies!

This is me at 31

It looks a bit unfinished, but I like that look sometimes, where you can still see the blotches of (digital) paint. This is also why I love looking at concept art. It’s amazing what artists like Aurelien Fournier can do with colour, textures and light.

3 thoughts on “Blotches of digital paint

    1. Thank you! I find it helps when you look at a portait upside down, and then draw it like that. And paint tool Sai works much faster for these things then photoshop, it would have taken much longer achieving a painterly look. I did have to tweak my nose the next day after I got some comments that it was too big!

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