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Book cover kitty

Book covers are really fun to do. I love to dive into the author’s imagination and give shape to their ideas and thoughts. E-books, paper books and novella’s: all can benefit from a good cover. First impressions count!

With covers it’s important that the title is readable and fits the design. That means thinking about title and text placement while I’m sketching. You don’t want the title to cover up crucial parts of the illustration, but you also want the title to be clearly visible!


For Katharina Gerlach I’ve designed several book covers for her fairy tale novella’s. They are all part of the same universe. A world that struggles with the transition from magic to technology. Each book has the same silhouette style with a different theme and fitting colour.

4 of Katharina Gerlach's bookcovers

Gwen Gardner is one of my first clients. I started illustrating her Indigo Eady series years ago, starting with Givin’ up the Ghost. The Indigo Eady series are filled with ghosts and the supernatural. This is also reflected in the covers:


The world of Indigo Eady branched out. Spawning short stories and adventures. Gwen Gardner also wrote a trilogy of novella’s which are bundled in The Afterlife series. For this cover I had to combine 3 separate illustrations. I wanted it to look like the book was covered with silver, so I drew silver scrollwork:


The Afterlife Series by Gwen Gardner

But not only the magical or supernatural is a good subject for a book cover. Danny Plass-Oude Bos requested I illustrate and design her thesis with her daughter Anna on the cover:

Thesis cover for Danny Plass-Oude Bos

Interested in a book cover by me?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me. A great looking book cover doesn’t have to be expensive! Tell me about your vision for a book cover and I can give you a price quote. Fill out the form or mail me.

You can check out some of the book covers in more detail here:

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