This is where I try to answer some of your questions. More questions and answers will be added in the future. I’m always happy to answer any questions that are not in the FAQ. Feel free to mail me.

Where can I find your privacy policy?

You can find my privacy policy here.

What are my licence options?

A standard license on my illustrations will let you use the illustration for the purpose it was intended for and agreed on. You will have the exclusive right to use, but not alter an illustration. You do have permission to resize, save or multiply an illustration for your own use. I will not sell the illustration to someone else. Unless otherwise agreed I will only use your illustration to promote my own activities as an illustrator on this website.

Is there a limit to feedback changes?

I record the number of feedback moments in the quotation. More feedback adjustments than indicated may incur additional costs. I will never charge these fees without warning

What are my payment options?

I you live in the Netherlands a bank transfer (overschrijving) is suitable. If you live in the European Union or the SEPA area it’s often possible to use a bank transfer with an IBAN/BIC code. Please check your bank. In other cases I use Paypal.

Can you make a logo for my company?

I can! Combining (vector) illustrations and typography, I can make a unique logo for your business. Please contact me for a price quote.

I’m an author looking to be self published, can you make a cover for me?

I can help you with illustrations, graphic design and typography. I’m familiar with the Amazon design standards and the Createspace requirements. But any book cover dimension is possible. If you’re on a budget, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We can discuss and decide what I can do for you.