Client: Party Pixie
Subject: Creating an illustrative logo with the real Pixie as the mascot, to promote the activities of event planner Party Pixie.

A logo with an animal is always fun to make, but how cool is it when you can base a logo on this sweetheart?

Meet Pixie. Look at that little snout, irresistible, isn’t it?

So I eagerly started to work! My client was clear in what she did and did not want. It had to be a colourful logo, festive with a cartoony version of Pixie as the centrepiece. I usually start with black and white concepts and try to limit the use of colour, but in this case a full colour logo was actually the starting point. I kept this in my mind when creating the first concepts.

4 different concepts, on the lower left I did try one with a single colour.

The first one was the most ‘Pixie’, but the colourful flags were also very nice. I rarely recommend combining logos, but in this case the illustrations and ideas lend themselves well to it. So I remade the concept into a clean version, without lines but with the friendly look and attitude of the first concept but this time including the flags.

We’re nearly there! Doesn’t this one look nearly as cute as the original?

After that, I made some more adjustments and created all kinds of colour variations. In the end, we chose 3 fixed colour variants, so that Party Pixie can use a suitable logo for different events.

Plenty to choose from

Of course, I had already taken into account the placement of the typography, but I finalise this at the end with the chosen font.

The logo is finished and Party Pixie is ready to go

Are you looking for someone to take the organisation of trips, outings and parties in the Netherlands off your hands? Then get in touch with Party Pixie.

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