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The more I know, the better I can help you

Our first correspondence

During our first contact you can discuss your wishes and indicate a deadline. I would also like to hear about the purpose of the illustrations. When I have enough information, I first make a general quotation (without obligation).

What happens next?

If you’re okay with the rate, I will make an official quotation that you can agree to. This quotation contains my working method, my planning, the additional conditions and a corresponding license. Then I’ll get to work. Of course I’ll make sure to show you my drawing proces by planning in plenty of feedback moments.

Work method

My work method is meant to involve you as much as possible in the drawing process. Your participation is important. This means that you can give feedback at different phases. Each illustration or project has its own working method. This usually starts with determining the style. Upon approval of the style, I’ll proceed to create different concepts. In the case of large projects, I try to streamline this process as much as possible.


With a standard license on my illustrations you can use a purchased illustration for a pre-agreed purpose. You have the right to use the artwork, but not to change or modify or resell (without my permission). You are allowed to enlarge or minimize an illustration for personal use. I will never sell the artwork or illustration I’ve made for you to others. For more information about licensing, take a look at the frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost?

No two illustrations are the same. I determine in advance how much time an illustration or project will take on the basis of the information provided and I can then base my price on this. Do not hesitate to tell me your budget, so we can discuss what I can do for you.