Hoi! Ik ben Sjusjun, ik maak heldere kleurrijke illustraties voor een divers publiek.
Preview plaatje voor de nieuwe website

Renewed website

Finally my new website is live. A website that not only shows my illustrations, but also tells a bit more about them. A website that is cheerful, but also vivid, clear and readable. Something that I as an illustrator also want to convey...
Preview plaatje voor online wedding

A facebook wedding

The date had been chosen, the 'save the date' had already been carefully designed. But 2020 turned out differently than expected. Plans were adjusted and the big wedding that the couple had in mind suddenly had to become a lot smaller...

Redesign ‘De Vreedzame School’

Last year I received the opportunity to work on a really great educational project. It’s called De Vreedzame School which translates as The Peaceful School. This is a complete program about social…
Sound of the sea preview

Sound of the sea

When I go for a walk with the dog, I’ll walk (if I can) towards a part of the countryside in Enschede. A beautiful sandy path with pastures around it. And further…
Preview of prompting board at the doctor

At the doctor

Going to the doctor is rarely fun, but with this prompting board you can at least talk about it and make it all a bit less exciting. A classic (Dutch) waiting room is depicted. Because I also wanted to show what...
Preview of family celebration

Family celebration

Clients: Gemeente Enschede, Queenie ProductionsSubject: Making of a prompting board with the subject ‘family celebration’. This time we’re having fun with Pim’s family. It’s Pim’s birthday. The theme ‘celebration with family’ is…
Blue haired girl preview

Blue and yellow

Blue and yellow are not really colour combinations that I use a lot. But Procreate on the iPad makes it a lot easier to experiment with contrasting colours. I prefer the more…
Wordcards preview

Learning Dutch with Pim

I think I could write five blog posts about this huge and awesome illustration project I’ve done for the city of Enschede. An educational project for which I’ve made more than 800…
Preview illustration Indigo Eady header

Indigo Eady website header

Gwen Gardner is one of my first clients. The world of her characters is extensive and detailed. It's awesome that she gives me the confidence to shape her world. This time she wanted me to create a website header for her.